Do Men Really Get Plastic Surgery?

Surgeon hands making marks on smiling man face. Men are not known to stand around with their golf buddies talking about their love handles or double chin. However, these and other concerns are often observed in private. It is not uncommon for men to feel insecure about one or more aspects of their appearance. It’s simply uncommon for them to talk about their concerns openly. What is becoming more common is the use of plastic surgery and skin rejuvenating treatments to correct the signs of aging and other conditions. The number of men seeking professional aesthetic treatments continues to rise, and we love having a front-row seat to these transformations. Here, we discuss some of the common areas men seek to improve.

Facial Fixes

While society is pretty overt about the messaging that women should “age gracefully,” there are also subtler messages sent to men. Men of a certain age report feeling overlooked professionally as a result of their aging appearance. It’s not that they aren’t qualified based on their looks, it’s that there is a perception of an older man possibly no longer having that drive that he once did to burn the midnight oil for his career. Facial rejuvenation, yes, including facelift surgery, has become increasingly common among men. More focused procedures are also popular. Examples include blepharoplasty and brow lift surgery. These two techniques can be performed together to address a variety of concerns, including frown lines, worry lines, and heavy, hooded eyelids. Rhinoplasty is also a common type of male plastic surgery. Finally, neck lifts are popular among men due to the prevalence of loose, sagging neck skin that feels constricted in a suit and tie.

Your Car Needs a Spare Tire, You Do Not!

Whatever you tend to call it, excess fat around the midsection can be a persistent frustration for the average guy. This may have little to do with age, though men approaching mid-life and the natural hormone dysregulation that comes with it tend to struggle more with stubborn belly fat. This struggle can continue regardless of regular exercise and a relatively healthy diet. While it certainly can’t hurt to explore healthy lifestyle changes, there is also a place for liposuction in the elimination of that dreaded beer belly. Liposuction only removes subcutaneous and adipose fat, it does not touch the visceral fat that forms deep within the abdomen. Still, the results of this minimally-invasive outpatient procedure can be remarkable. You can say goodbye to your spare tire with little downtime, returning to work within about a week of surgery.

Demolishing Male Breasts

Men are known for loving breasts, just not their own. Regardless of overall fitness goals, most men prefer to look like Tarzan, not Jane. When excess breast tissue develops, it may be followed with years of frustration and even feelings of isolation. The condition is known as gynecomastia. Men often think that, if they just lose more weight or do more chest presses, they can get the masculine chest they want. This approach rarely works. Gynecomastia does involve excess fatty tissue. However, there is also often glandular involvement. Yes, men have breast glands. This is really just denser soft tissue, but it is located in an area where it may cause puffy nipples or full-on female-like breasts. A board-certified plastic surgeon knowns how to correct male breast enlargement. Sometimes, liposuction alone will do the trick. Sometimes, it is necessary to excise the glandular tissue, as well. In severe cases, it can even be necessary to do a form of breast lift to tighten up skin that has become exceedingly loose.

Guys, don’t duck and cover. Stand proud in your appearance! Contact Farris Plastic Surgery in Dallas at (214) 363-1073 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Farris.

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