How Microneedling can Rejuvenate Your Skin

Beautiful Spa Woman Touching her Face Our skin is essential in protecting our body from the elements and keeping us healthy. Along with the effects of aging, our skin can become worn and look dull over time. In many cases, even a regular skin-care routine may not slow the aesthetic changes and maintain the desired look.

Within the aesthetic and cosmetic industry, many treatment options and procedures can help slow the progression of aging and reverse its effects. However, some people prefer to avoid dermal injection of substances or the use of other chemicals.

Suppose you want to regain a rejuvenated look to your skin without using chemicals or injections. In that case, microneedling is a great option that safely and effectively delivers similar results to other treatments.

Microneedling involves no injections or chemicals to remove the outer layer of skin. Instead, the process involves making tiny holes in the outermost layer of skin. These are rarely visible, and little can be seen soon after each treatment session.

This micro-trauma causes the body to increase blood flow and collagen to the area. Over time, this will slightly increase the volume below the skin and cause a tighter and more toned look on the outside.

Since no medicine or injections are used, microneedling can be used nearly anywhere on the body you want to have rejuvenated or tighter-looking skin. This can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face, as well as the appearance of stretch marks that might be visible around the abdomen and thighs.

There is little downtime and almost no recovery needed after each treatment. Most patients report mild redness for the first few days that quickly subsides. With repeated treatments around 4 weeks apart, you can have rejuvenated skin nearly anywhere on your body.

If you want to get rid of dull and worn-looking skin without injections or chemicals, call Farris Plastic Surgery in Dallas, TX, at 214-363-1073 or visit to schedule an appointment to see how microneedling can help you.

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