Neck Lift vs. Kybella

Are you bothered by a double chin, a sagging neck or vertical neck banding? All of these can be addressed by double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Zachary Farris. Depending on whether you want a surgical option or non-surgical rejuvenation, one of the following treatments may be the right way to tighten and define your neck contour.

Kybella: This injectable treatment is composed of synthetic deoxycholic acid. Real deoxycholic acid exists in your body to break down dietary fat. When Kybella is injected into sub-mental fat (a.k.a. a double chin), it destroys those fat cells by dissolving them. After a series of injections spaced 1 month apart (2-6 treatment sessions), your double chin will be flattened and slimmed. You’ll enjoy a firmer, better defined facial contour. The fat cells that are destroyed are gone for good. The treatment is quick, painless and involves no downtime.

Neck lift: A neck lift is quite different from Kybella injections. A neck lift is a surgical procedure, most often performed as part of a full facelift. Although a neck lift can be performed alone, combining it with a facelift creates consistent results from the bottom of the neck upward, so that the face and neck don’t look mismatched. A neck lift removes excess fat beneath the chin, tightens excess skin that is creating jowls, loose skin on the neck and vertical bands of lax muscles on the throat.

The right path for you really depends on your expectations and what you want to achieve. Kybella is prized by patients who are not prepared to undergo surgery. Both options provide lasting results. Kybella cannot address the same areas of the neck as a neck lift can, so you should think about the specific areas you want to modify. A neck and facelift will require you to take some time off from work and other activities.

Discuss Your Options with Dr. Farris

The good news is that you don’t have to be stuck with a double chin or loose, wrinkled skin on your neck. Dr. Farris will first listen to your concerns and then make recommendations for treatments like Kybella, or for surgical solutions like a neck lift. To arrange your consultation in Dallas, please call our team.

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