Remove Excess Skin From Upper Eyelids With Eyelid Surgery

Excess skin on the upper eyelid can make you look tired. Even if you are well rested and full of energy, you may still give off the impression to others that you have not slept well, are worn out, and have very little enthusiasm. Unfortunately, when a person is dealing with this problem, they may miss out on opportunities in many different areas of life. Many people who have excess skin on their upper eyelids want to do something about this problem. Thankfully, eyelid surgery can help.

Many want to improve their appearance to feel more confident and improve the way others see them. They know that their appearance may be holding them back in the business world as well as the romantic world. When others see you as exhausted and worn out, they are not really seeing your true personality or the zest you have for life.

In addition to being a cosmetic problem, having excess skin on your upper islands can also be a medical problem. If this skin droops so low, it can affect your vision. Eyelid surgery removes the excess skin that hinders your vision, allowing you to immediately see better.

And the advantages don’t stop there. First, when you look in the mirror, you are no longer going to see a tired individual. You are going to see someone who looks more familiar to you. You are going to see your real self, a person who has lots of energy and is ready to take on the world. Second, others are going to see the real you. Instead of second-guessing you or wondering if you are too tired to take on more responsibility, your boss and colleagues are going to see you as an individual who is dynamic and full of energy.

In order to fully benefit from eyelid surgery, you should understand everything involved in the procedure. You want to take time to do your own research, and then you also want to take time during your initial consultation with us to speak with our surgeon about the kind of results that you can expect from eyelid surgery. When you have a realistic idea of the kind of results that you will get from this surgery, you will gain the most satisfaction afterward.

If desired, a patient can have upper and lower eyelid surgery at the same time. This is especially beneficial if a person has excess skin on their upper eyelids as well as excess skin hanging under their eyes. This complete package gives a person a truly rejuvenated and refreshed look.

If eyelid surgery sounds like the right thing for you, contact the office of Zachary Farris M.D. Our plastic surgeon is trusted in Dallas for his expertly personalized procedures, and he will show you how eyelid surgery can help you look and feel refreshed. To learn more, schedule your consultation with us today!

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