Sitting and Compression Garments after a BBL

A close up of a woman's round butt in tight jeans A Brazilian Butt Lift creates a shapely, full derriere using nothing but your own natural fat tissue! Implants and artificial material are avoided with this method. Nonetheless, it is a surgical procedure that involves a brief period of downtime. Below, we look at two major points of that recovery: sitting down and the use of compression garments.

How to Avoid Sitting Down

You will need to avoid directly sitting on your butt for a certain number of weeks. Some people hear this and wonder how they can possibly avoid sitting. Here’s the key: You can of course sit, but you need to prevent direct pressure on the butt. Most people are able to achieve this by using a special pillow like the Booty Buddy or a donut pillow. It makes it possible to sit on your thighs instead.

Direct pressure on the butt cheeks can cause a large percentage of the grafted fat cells to die because of impaired blood flow to the area. A certain amount of fat will not survive regardless (about 40 percent), but pressure on the buttocks will threaten even more fat. In addition to sitting on a pillow like the Booty Buddy, you should sleep on your stomach or side for a couple of weeks.

Why a Compression Garment is Necessary

A compression garment worn after surgery will provide compression to the areas where liposuction was performed, but not directly on the buttocks because of the reasons described above. This garment reduces swelling and ensures that the skin heals correctly. Without it, you may experience a lot of unnecessary swelling and the skin may not retract to fit the new buttocks and body contour. Compression garments also tend to speed up recovery and reduce discomfort overall.

Learn More About Downtime after BBL

There are other restrictions related to exercise, work, and other activities. Dr. Zachary Farris will make sure you are informed of all the pre- and post-op requirements of Brazilian Butt Lift as part of your consultation. To schedule your visit to discuss your BBL candidacy, please call our team in Dallas at 214-363-1073.

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