Treat Deep Wrinkles with Juvederm Vollure

Juvederm Vollure XC is one of the newest dermal fillers on the market, and this exciting injectable might be just what you need to finally erase age-related imperfections such as fine lines and wrinkles. In addition to being a noninvasive treatment option, Vollure is also one of the only products designed specifically to diminish deeper folds of skin. Our team of experienced injection specialists is ready to help you create beautiful results that enhance your natural features and take years off your appearance. Contact Farris Plastic Surgery today to learn more!

A Look at Dermal Fillers

Your skin is one of your most complex organs, and it will protect itself from many different types of damage over the years. It produces and absorbs a variety of proteins that maintain its elasticity and fully restore its outer layers once every few weeks. Unfortunately, there may come a point when your body can no longer combat age-related blemishes. Your skin could eventually lose its elasticity entirely, and that might result in deep nasolabial folds on either side of the nose. Loose skin and a loss of subcutaneous fat can also create wrinkles near the mouth and chin.

The primary goal of most dermal fillers is to combat those blemishes by adding volume to the face. Vollure XC contains a chemical known as hyaluronic acid, and this particular substance is a great option for filling in hollow cheeks, nasolabial folds, and larger wrinkles. A few weeks after your appointment, your body will also flood those areas of the face with more collagen and elastin. As the months go by, your appearance is only going to improve.

The Amazing Benefits of Vollure

Vollure is made from a mixture of unique compounds that was specifically designed to produce natural results. The injections take just a few minutes to carry out, and you can walk out of our office looking as young as you feel. Following your treatment, you won’t have to worry about a lengthy recovery, overwhelming side effects, or any lifestyle restrictions. Those who protect their skin can often preserve the results for up to two years.

Is Vollure Right for Me?

As long as you aren’t pregnant and don’t have any severe skin allergies, you will most likely be an excellent candidate for Vollure. This product is perfect for most healthy adult patients who are unhappy with parenthetical lines, nasolabial folds, or fine lines on the chin. Every single injection of Vollure also contains a small dose of the numbing agent known as lidocaine, and that makes it a great option for patients who are worried about uncomfortable treatments. Vollure injections could be the answer to the age-related blemishes you have been struggling with.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of Vollure and to schedule a consultation!

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