Treat Yourself To A Mommy Makeover

November 15, 2022

Becoming a mother is a beautiful time in your life. However, it can have some not-so-attractive effects on your body. Everything from pregnancy to childbirth and breastfeeding can cause changes that diet, and exercise can’t always reverse. At Farris Plastic Surgery, you can treat yourself to a mommy makeover. Are You Experiencing These Body Issues? […]

Can Liposuction Help You Maintain Your Figure?

October 30, 2022

Diet and exercise can help you get and maintain a healthy figure, but sometimes you need a little help. Did you know your body is genetically disposed to retain pockets of fat? These fatty deposits are often almost impossible to get rid of without help. At Farris Plastic Surgery in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, we understand […]

Is A Brazilian Butt Lift Right For You?

October 15, 2022

Whether it’s genetics or aging, some people have flat rear ends instead of voluptuous, shapely buttocks. Even if you aren’t following the latest beauty trends, think Kim Kardashian, your clothes fit and look better when you have a shapely butt. While exercise can provide some lift and shape to your butt, it’s often not enough […]

Earlobe Repair

September 30, 2022

Earlobes are just as susceptible to damage as the rest of our skin; over time, they can become stretched, damaged, or even torn. The prolonged wearing of earrings or a complete pull of the same can lead to a torn or split earlobe. Fortunately, this can be repaired under local anesthesia in under 10 minutes. […]

Breast Implant Revisions

September 15, 2022

Breast implant revisions are surgeries performed to correct or improve the results of previous breast implant surgery. There are many reasons why women may choose to have revision surgery, including changing the size or type of implants, correcting asymmetry, improving the position of the implants, or correcting complications such as capsular contracture. Revision surgery is […]

Will I Look Natural After an Eyelid Lift?

August 30, 2022

Aging does more than cause lines and wrinkles to form in multiple areas of the face and body. You may have started to notice that your eyes don’t carry the same energy they once did. Your upper eyelids might be heavy and hooded. Your lower eyelids may be saggy and baggy. Some unfortunate people have […]

Do Men Really Get Plastic Surgery?

August 15, 2022

Men are not known to stand around with their golf buddies talking about their love handles or double chin. However, these and other concerns are often observed in private. It is not uncommon for men to feel insecure about one or more aspects of their appearance. It’s simply uncommon for them to talk about their […]

Drooping Eyebrows? Let’s Explore Some Treatment Options!

July 30, 2022

For the most part, drooping eyebrows are an age-related condition. This means that we have options for correcting the appearance of this area of the face should that be desired. You may have mild ptosis, or sagging, that is causing your eyebrows to sit a little low across the orbital rim above your eyes. You […]

Is NeoGraft Hair Restoration Your Ticket to Improved Confidence?

July 15, 2022

Hair loss is a common but frustrating problem. If you have a predisposition for pattern baldness and see it as a condition across your family line, you may wonder when that thinning crown or receding hairline is going to show up in your mirror. The downside to hair loss is that you may not be […]

What Does the Brazilian Butt Lift Involve?

June 30, 2022

We’ve talked about body contours for ages. We’ve longed for slim midsections, sculpted abs, rounded breasts. Perhaps these were the issues we discussed because we could change them. Perhaps it had something to do with current trends. Regardless, the trend now is for body contours to be noticeable at all angles, including the backside. This […]

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