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A torn or split earlobe can occur from pulling of an earring or prolonged wearing of heavy earrings. This can result in a complete split extending to the border of the earlobe or an enlarged hole within the earlobe. Dr. Zachary Farris, a NYC trained double board-certified plastic surgeon, can repair torn or split earlobes and provide patients with an opportunity to wear their favorite jewelry again. We serve patients in Dallas, Fort Worth & nearby areas of Texas. Call (214) 363-1073 to request a consultation!

Who is the ideal candidate for split earlobe repair?

You may be a candidate for a split earlobe repair if the skin on your lower ear has separated. This is typically caused by heavy earrings or large gauges that loosen the base of the earlobe over time, eventually leading to a tear and possibly infection. However, if you have a history of severe scarring or keloids, you may need to consider a different option.

Split Earlobe Repair

How is a split earlobe repaired?

The split earlobe deformity can be easily repaired in the office in about 15-20 minutes under local anesthesia. First, the edges of the split earlobe are “freshened” by stripping the skin. Then, the edges are approximated with placement of stitches. Thin steri-strip tape is then applied for coverage.

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What is recovery like after a split earlobe repair procedure?

Recovery is quick. Re-piercing can be performed as early as 4-6 months later. The re-piercing should be placed slightly adjacent to the scar but not within the scar because this is a weak point. If re-piercing is placed at the scar, there is greater risk for recurrence of the split earlobe.

Will there be a noticeable scar after a split earlobe repair procedure?

Since split earlobe repair is minimally-invasive, it only leaves a small, flat scar where the earlobe was sutured. While the incision may appear pink and raised right after the surgery, it will gradually fade to a light pink or white scar that is hardly noticeable.

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Can I wear earrings again after my surgery?

Yes, you can wear earrings after your split earlobe repair. However, it is advised to wait until Dr. Farris lets you know that it is safe to do so. To prevent future splitting, it is best to wear small, light studs.

How long will it take for my earlobe to heal?

Generally, the incision mostly heals in about 6 months. About 5-7 days after your split earlobe procedure, the sutures used to close your earlobe will be removed. You may experience some swelling or bruising, which should subside within a week or so. However, a majority of the pain and swelling will be gone after 1-2 months.

How soon after a split earlobe repair can I wear headphones?

While you can resume most of your regular activities immediately after your surgery, you will need to avoid wearing headphones and sleeping on your ear during recovery. This is to not only reduce the amount of pressure on the earlobe but also prevent complications from arising. Dr. Farris will let you know when it is safe to wear headphones again. Most patients have to wait 1-2 weeks before they can use headphones.

How can I prepare for a split earlobe repair procedure?

There is little to no preparation involved in a split earlobe procedure. Since the treatment is minimally invasive, it only takes 15-20 minutes. To ensure the process goes smoothly, make sure your ears are clean to reduce the risk of infection.

Are there any risks associated with a split earlobe repair?

Like any surgical procedure, split earlobe repair has certain risks, including the following:

  • Bleeding
  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Anesthesia Complications

Before your procedure, Dr. Farris will go over your medical history to make sure that it is safe for you to have the surgery. In addition, you may need to check with Dr. Farris if you decide to re-pierce your ears.

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"Dr. Farris did an amazing job with my earlobe repair, you can hardly see any scar that is leftover from the stitches. Very knowledgable and professional. 5 stars!" - B.P.

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