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Breast implant revision procedures are performed to change or improve the appearance of existing implants. There are many reasons that you may become dissatisfied with your implants. When personal preferences change or the body’s natural changes affect your implants, a revision can provide a fresh update for your look.

Dr. Zachary Farris is double board-certified and involved in the plastic surgery academic and practitioner communities. He makes it a priority to know the latest research, techniques, and technologies, so he can deliver exemplary results to his patients.

Reasons To Get A Revision Breast Augmentation

Dissatisfaction or discomfort due to the size, shape, or appearance of your breast implants can be difficult to cope with. Fortunately, a breast implant revision can help you get back to feeling good in your body. Some common reasons for the procedure include:

Changes in body tissue – Your body tissues change throughout your life. As time passes, you may lose skin elasticity, which can cause sagging or stretching. Pregnancy, weight gain, and weight loss can also result in tissue changes. A breast lift procedure is sometimes done along with a revision to create a youthful, perky result.

Implant rupture – Both saline and silicone implant shells can rupture. A saline implant will leak if compromised, resulting in deflation of the implant. Silicone ruptures are less noticeable because the gel holds its shape regardless of the shell’s condition. However, to ensure your long-term health, silicone leaks should be corrected. In some cases, ruptured implants can cause capsular contracture.

Capsular contracture – Every body is unique, and connective tissue composition varies from person to person.

common reasons breast implant revision

This is why even patients of talented surgeons can experience challenges when healing from a breast implant procedure. Capsular contracture refers to scar tissue that the body naturally forms to create separation between any foreign object and the body. A capsule of scar tissue is inevitable with all breast implants. In severe cases, the capsule hardens, and the patient may have pain or changes in the appearance and texture of the breast that a revision can address.

Rippling – Rippling can apply to saline implants, most commonly in implants placed on top of the chest muscle. In some cases, the shell will wrinkle and the wrinkles will be visible through the patient’s breast tissue.

Implant repositioning – Implants that sit too low, too high, too far apart, or too close together can be addressed in a revision procedure. Similarly, implants that rotate into a less aesthetic position after a breast augmentation procedure can be corrected by a revision.

Personal aesthetic preference – After some time, you may want to make a change to your appearance by augmenting or reducing the size of your implants. Alternatively, you may want to switch from saline to silicone implants for a different look or feel.

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How long after breast augmentation do you have to wait to get breast revision surgery?

It depends on the reason for the revision. In most cases, you should wait at least 6-12 months before considering a revision. During this time, the breast implants may still be settling into place, and minute swelling is still resolving, so you may not be looking at your very final results until a year out.

If, however, there is some complication or issue that has arisen, you should ask your surgeon about what can be done. Depending on the exact issue, a revision may be appropriate or you may only need to wait a little longer for your breasts to adjust following surgery.

Breast Revision Surgery Can Lead To Some Pain

As you wake up from surgery and the anesthesia effects fade, you will experience some degree of soreness, tightness, swelling, and discomfort. You will have previously filled any pain medication prescriptions ordered by Dr. Farris, which will allow you to get some rest. Most people do not need to use pain meds for very long after breast implant revision.

What is recovery like from breast implant revision?

The revision recovery will be a lot like your recovery from the initial breast augmentation, depending on the circumstances. If the revision is combined with a breast lift, you may need more time to recover and heal. Getting larger implants or a different type of implant than your original surgery may also cause the recovery to feel a little different than before.

Here is a very general timeline of what you can expect:

  • Take it easy for the first week
  • Get up and walk around the day of surgery to promote strong blood circulation
  • Most people return to work within 7-10 days
  • Avoid strenuous physical activity for 2-4 weeks depending on the exact activity
  • The majority of swelling will be gone within 6 weeks, but residual swelling may take several months to fully resolve
  • It may take several months for implants to fully settle into the breast pocket
  • Numbness near the incisions may persist for several weeks to months

You will likely experience some soreness, discomfort, and stiffness during that first week after surgery. Take the prescription pain medications or over-the-counter medications you previously discussed with Dr. Farris, as instructed. Most people are feeling fairly normal after a few days.

Sleeping with your chest and head elevated will reduce swelling. Use pillows strategically or try sleeping in a reclining chair. You will be able to shower in the days following surgery but you mustn’t submerge yourself in a tub or pool for several more weeks.

Recovery timelines can vary by individual. You will receive complete aftercare instructions for showering, drains, bandages, eating/drinking, and returning to exercise activities.

Breast Implant Revision Results

Whether it’s eliminating pain from capsular contracture, addressing a rupture, or refreshing your look with larger or smaller implants, Dr. Farris will customize your procedure to accomplish the results you seek. Many patients report a renewed satisfaction with their appearance and increased self-confidence after a revision procedure.

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Revision Breast Augmentation Before & After

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How long does it take to see Breast Revision surgery results?

It depends on what is done in the revision. If the implants are replaced with new implants, the results will manifest in much the same timeline as your original surgery. A lot of swelling will have resolved in a few weeks, at which point you will have a good idea of the final results. However, swelling persists in small degrees for up to 6-12 months, and the breast implants won’t drop into their final position in the breast pocket for 3-6 months, so it is important to be patient as your breast implant results take shape.

If you are having your implants removed entirely, then you may find that your results take shape a little faster than they did with implants. Individual timelines will vary.

Is breast revision surgery covered by insurance?

First, you must contact our office to verify whether we accept your insurance policy currently. Next, note that some private health insurance covers certain types of implant revisions while others provide no coverage. Policies may help pay for revision for complications like capsular contracture or malposition, but you must call your insurer to verify coverage.

It is possible that your breast implant complication is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Call our office to find out more about warranties from implant manufacturers. We also offer CareCredit financing for people interested in making monthly payments.

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If you are considering a breast implant revision procedure in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, contact Farris Plastic Surgery to set up a consultation with Dr. Farris. You can reach our office by calling 214-363-1073 . We look forward to helping you achieve your ideal body.

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