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Body contouring surgery is a set of cosmetic procedures aimed to correct the problems that arise after massive weight loss. This is especially true for those with dramatic weight loss of over 100 lbs after bariatric surgery or from diet and exercise. When the weight loss occurs, the fat goes away, leaving behind loose skin that tends to hang and fold. This excess skin can be observed in many areas, including the abdomen, thighs, buttocks/back, breasts, arms and neck/face. With this much extra skin, the only way to eliminate it is to surgically remove it.

Who is a candidate for body contouring?

Healthy patients who have loose hanging skin as a result of massive weight loss are good candidates for body contouring surgery. Body mass index (BMI) should be under 35 and weight should be stable for at least 6 months. Smokers are not candidates for body contouring surgery and are encouraged to stop smoking and eliminate nicotine from their system for at least a month prior to surgery.

How is body contouring performed?

Multiple different procedures can be performed to address your needs after massive weight loss. Surgery is typically staged with some procedures being combined. Body contouring may include:

These procedures are mostly performed under general anesthesia. Every effort is made to minimize scarring.

What to expect after body sculpting surgery?

With many different types of body contouring procedures, you will be able to go home on the same day of surgery. Instructions will be given to you specific to your procedure and will include guidelines for activity. Often, compression garments will be required and provided to you to increase comfort and counteract swelling. You’re advised to take your prescribed medications as directed. Your follow up appointment with Dr. Farris is typically within a week of your surgery. If you are staging multiple procedures, about 3 months is required for proper healing before proceeding to the next surgery.

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