Body Sculpting vs Weight Loss: Which Is Best for You?

Leg,,Buttocks,,Abdomen,Liposuction,,Fat,And,Cellulite,Removal,Concept,,Overweight What is the difference between body sculpting and weight loss? Body sculpting may help you to lose some weight, but that is not the treatment goal. Instead, body sculpting is a set of surgical and non-surgical treatments that can help enhance the curves of your body. This is done through the removal of extra fatty tissue and skin-toning treatments.

Knowing the difference between body sculpting and weight loss can help you determine whether procedures like liposuction are better for you now or in the future.

What Is Body Sculpting Used For?

Body sculpting, also called body contouring, is a set of treatments that eliminate unwanted fat from the body, which do not respond to diet or exercise as you would like. It can also help tone and firm the skin in certain treatment areas depending on what type of procedure you have.

Your body has millions of fat cells (and that’s normal). Over time, as you gain and lose weight, the size of those cells can increase or shrink. However, you do not actually lose fat cells as you lose weight.

The goal of body sculpting is to remove some of the extra fat cells in the body. This is commonly done through liposuction. Your plastic surgeon can help you to remove fat cells from specific problem areas. Fat can be treated virtually anywhere, including the lower back, hips, buttocks, thighs, abdomen, and even the neck or chin.

Weight Loss Is Still Important for Some Patients

With weight loss, you burn the stored fat within your cells. This causes the cells to shrink in size. They are still there; you can regain that weight if you change your habits. By contrast, body sculpting removes those cells from your body entirely. That means they cannot add bulk to those specific areas again. Liposuction can provide some weight loss, but it is typically minimal and is limited to target areas of the body.

Because body sculpting does not contribute to helping someone reach a healthy weight, they must first ensure they have taken all the necessary steps through diet and exercise to reach their ideal size.

Then, liposuction and other body procedures can help them achieve the sculpted figure they desire.

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When it comes to body sculpting vs weight loss, both can be important strategies for creating a healthy body, though they work in different ways.

At Farris Plastic Surgery, Dr. Zachary Farris can give you insight into how well solutions like liposuction can work for you. With double board certification and extensive experience, he can recommend the right treatment plan and lifestyle modifications to reach your goals.

You can set up a consultation by calling 214-363-1073 or sending us a message. We also offer virtual consultations!

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