Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

Mastectomy involves the surgical removal of the breast, and it is most commonly done when the patient has breast cancer. There are several types of mastectomy procedures. Regardless of the procedure that is used, breast reconstruction can help a woman reclaim the breasts that have been affected by breast cancer.

What is Breast Reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is a type of plastic surgery done to restore a patient’s breast to a normal appearance after a mastectomy procedure. Breast reconstruction can involve the use of implants or it can involve flap reconstruction. In the latter procedure, the surgeon uses tissue taken from another part of the patient’s body and reshapes it into a new breast. In many cases, the surgeon will use both procedures. He may do so if the patient doesn’t have enough tissue left to support an implant on account of radiation therapy and/or the mastectomy.

What Does Breast Reconstruction Involve?

There is no one-size-fits-all breast reconstruction procedure. The surgery is tailored for the patient. If the surgeon is performing a flap reconstruction, he will remove tissue from a certain area. The surgeon will collect skin, fat, muscle and blood vessels from the donor site. He will then attach the tissue’s blood vessels to those in the patient’s chest. He will attach the remaining tissues to the patient and reshape them to form a natural-looking breast. In some cases, the surgeon will add a breast implant.

Since the nipple and areola are often removed during a mastectomy procedure, the surgeon may also perform a nipple reconstruction procedure. He may use a prosthetic nipple or he make
take skin and other tissue from the patient and then attach it to the reconstructed breast.

When Can Somebody Undergo Breast Reconstruction?

A patient may start breast reconstruction immediately after their mastectomy, or they may wait a few months or even years. Our surgeon will likely advise waiting if the patient has other major health problems.

During a consultation at the office of Zachary Farris MD, you can get all the facts about breast reconstruction and how it can restore your sense of femininity and attractiveness after breast cancer removal. Our office is located in Dallas. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more!

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