Enhance the Look of Your Lips with Juvederm Volbella XC

Has the aging process taken a toll on your lips? This is something that a lot of people who are getting older are dealing with. As a person gets older, they lose volume in their lips. This makes them thinner. It also causes their lips to have creases. These creases are commonly referred to as smoker’s lines. Even individuals who have never smoked in their entire life can still get these lines because of the way they pucker their lips. When there is not the same amount of volume in the lips, wrinkles occur. Juvederm® Volbella XC is a great way to enhance the look of your lips.

Juvederm® Volbella XC is a dermal filler that is designed to replace lost volume in the lips. So you will be able to get back the lips of your youth with this treatment. Just the right amount of dermal filler is injected into the lips to help you have lips that look like the lips you had when you were younger.

Juvederm® Volbella XC is also used for individuals who are in their younger years, but simply feel unsatisfied with the way their lips look. Their lips may be very thin or small. Juvederm® Volbella XC is designed to add more volume to the lips, so it can give you plumper lips that look healthier. It is also a great option for individuals who would like to improve the lines around their lips.

Many individuals are drawn to dermal fillers because the treatment is so short and simple, but the benefits that a person can receive are numerous. You will be able to speak with our professional as the treatment is being done. Since only a small amount is added at a time in a very skillful way, you will be able to see the progress.

The results that you will get using this product are going to look very natural. They will also feel natural. You will not have a bunch of hard lumps under your lips after the treatment. Juvederm® Volbella XC is a very smooth gel.

We invite you to meet with us at the office of Zachary Farris, MD to learn more about how you can enhance your lips with Juvederm® Volbella XC. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Dallas.

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