Safety In Plastic Surgery

The thought of getting plastic surgery can be very exciting and can produce much anticipation.  Before you take the plunge however, make sure that you’ve made all the considerations regarding safety in plastic surgery. In general, the best candidates for cosmetic plastic surgery are those who are in general good health in addition to knowing their defined anatomical problem.  These are individuals who usually do not have multiple medical problems or take multiple potent medications.  Healthy patients typically maintain good nutrition, engage in exercise and are not overweight.  In addition, they are nonsmokers and do not have any addiction to drugs.  If you are above age 50 or have multiple medical problems, you may be advised to have an evaluation by your medical doctor for clearance prior to surgery. As you get ready for surgery, please indicate if you have any allergic reactions to medications or bad reactions to anesthesia. Safety First with Dr Farris Also mention if you take vitamins, supplements or herbals.  Some of these agents may thin your blood and increase the risk for bleeding.  Once identified, they are stopped typically 1 week prior to surgery.  Along that line, stop all alcohol consumption before surgery and do not drink while taking any narcotic pain medications.  Birth control pills should also be discontinued as they increase the risk of deep vein thrombosis (blood clots) around the time of surgery. After surgery, be sure to refrain from any strenuous activity or heavy lifting, as this would increase your blood pressure and increase the risk for bleeding and worsen swelling.  At the same time, do not stay in bed 24/7, as this would increase the risk for deep vein thrombosis.  Most importantly, follow the instructions specific to your procedure – these should be reviewed prior to surgery.  The first 24 hours after surgery should be spent with a family member or friend so that someone could watch over you.  Take your pain medications only as necessary – they can be quite addictive if you stay on them longer than you need to.  Finally, if there’s any question or concern, call the office immediately!  Dr. Farris will be happy to speak with you anytime.  Just call 214-363-1073.  Schedule an appointment and learn more about safety in plastic surgery.

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