Treat Yourself To A Mommy Makeover

Mother in bikini standing swimming and playing with her child in the sea Becoming a mother is a beautiful time in your life. However, it can have some not-so-attractive effects on your body. Everything from pregnancy to childbirth and breastfeeding can cause changes that diet, and exercise can’t always reverse. At Farris Plastic Surgery, you can treat yourself to a mommy makeover.

Are You Experiencing These Body Issues?

A mommy makeover is a series of procedures designed to give women back their pre-pregnancy shape. Not every woman needs or wants to undergo all of the offered procedures. During your consultation with Dr. Zachary Farris, you can choose which areas of your body you want to work on.

A mommy makeover can improve the following issues:

  • Sagging breasts
  • Loose or deflated breasts
  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Oversized areola
  • Fatty deposits on the abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, and lower back
  • Stretch marks on your breasts and abdomen
  • Loose, hanging skin in the abdominal area
  • Visible C-section scars

Pregnancy can also result in loose abdominal muscles, and a mommy makeover can tighten and firm the area.

What to Expect After a Mommy Makeover

Before and after your surgery, Dr. Farris and his team will go over the specific aftercare instructions. Most women can expect some recovery time, even if they are only undergoing one or two procedures.

Some of the procedures are performed during the same appointment. Others may take more than one visit to Farris Plastic Surgery.

Most surgical procedures require around four weeks to fully heal. It means refraining from strenuous activities, including exercise for one month. You will also want to keep your surgical scars out of the sunlight. Use sunscreen whenever outside and begin applying a scar-minimizing cream like vitamin E around three weeks after surgery. It will help reduce the appearance of scars but it can take up to one year to minimize their appearance.

Schedule a Consultation with Farris Plastic Surgery

Dr. Farris is a double-board-certified plastic surgeon in the Dallas area. When you are ready to restore your pre-pregnancy figure contact Farris Plastic Surgery online or call 214-363-1073 to schedule a consultation.

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