What Is The Difference Between Juvederm® and Restalyne®?

hispanic woman sitting on a sofa holding a cup of coffee The decreased production of collagen and the associated loss of volume around the face are some of the most visible signs of aging. While maintaining a good skin care regimen to keep healthy skin is also essential for a radiant and youthful look, your skin sometimes needs a boost from an aesthetician or doctor to slow or reverse the signs of aging.

Dermal fillers injected below the skin are among the most popular aesthetic treatment options. These minimally invasive treatments restore lost volume below the skin by injecting a specific amount of a solution in key areas. These formulas work by increasing collagen or absorbing nearby water molecules.

Among dermal fillers, Juvederm® and Restalyne® are two of the most commonly chosen. Both use the same active ingredient of hyaluronic acid (HA) that absorbs nearby water and increases volume from below the skin. However, some differences might make each better in specific cases.

Although both use HA as the main active ingredient, how the HA is suspended in the solution is one of the biggest differences. In general, Juvederm® is more gel-like and has a smoother texture than the gritty or granular Restalyne®.

This smooth and gel-like consistency of Juvederm® makes it great for restoring lost volume and reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles in smaller and more delicate areas in tighter facial areas.

The more granular structure of the Restalyne® formula, however, makes it great for increasing the volume in sunken areas around the face and adding more structure and proportionality to the shape of your face. The consistency of Restalyne® also makes it more moldable and able to form the desired shape or increased volume perfectly.

The doctors and staff at Farris Plastic Surgery have the knowledge and experience to help decide between Juvederm® or Restalyne® or any other of their many available aesthetic and cosmetic treatment options. Call Farris Plastic Surgery in Dallas, TX, at 214-363-1073 or visit www.farrismd.com to schedule an appointment and achieve your aesthetic goals.

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