Compare Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is typically performed using implants, either saline or silicone gel.  Saline breast implants are filled with sterile salt water and maybe pre-filled or filled at the time of surgery.  Silicone breast implants are filled with a silicone gel material and come in a variety of shapes.  These breast implants are pre-filled when manufactured and may require a longer incision.  Cohesive gel (gummy bear or form stable) breast implants are designed to hold their shape better and often appear “tear dropped.”

Compare Breast Implants

The choice of implant depends on many factors and preference as well.  Silicone gel breast implants feel more natural compared to typical saline breast implants but may require longer incisions and may pose problems with monitoring.   If silicone gel breast implants rupture, their deflation is not very apparent – this is called a “silent rupture.”  The FDA recommends getting an MRI test every 2 years in order to detect a rupture with silicone gel breast implants.  On the other hand, if typical saline breast implants rupture, their deflation is apparent and detectable immediately.  When breast implants leak or rupture, they require removal.  With saline implant deflation, the salt water is simply absorbed by your body’s tissue whereas the silicone gel after rupture of silicone implants remains in contact with your tissue.  Some women feel more comfortable knowing that the natural solution in saline breast implants is safely absorbed by the body should a rupture or leak occur.  The downside of typical saline breast implants however is that they may not have the natural feel of breasts and they tend to wrinkle.

A new type of saline breast implant called IDEAL IMPLANT was recently FDA approved in 2014 and provides a new option for breast augmentation.  Basically, it’s a multi-shelled, dual-chambered saline implant that has the natural feel of silicone gel implants combined with the safety benefits of saline implants.  There is no worry over silent ruptures, silicone material exuding through your tissue or need for expensive follow-up MRI tests as you would have with silicone gel implants.   This structured implant maintains its contour very well, reduces the issue of wrinkling and fold flaws, fits better on the chest wall because of its low edges and eliminates the sloshing experienced with typical saline implants.  A clinical trial of over 500 women who had the IDEAL IMPLANT with a follow up of over 5 years demonstrated a patient satisfaction of about 95%.

Infographic: Breast implant shapes and options

When selecting your implant, it’s important to be able to feel the different implants that are available.  During your consultation with Dr. Farris, the different types of breast implants will be demonstrated and you will have the opportunity to feel and evaluate them for yourself.  Make your appointment now!  Call 214-363-1073.

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