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Many mature adults experience loose skin in certain areas. A loss of skin support and a decrease in collagen in the skin is often the culprit. Dermal fillers can help tighten the skin and decrease the visibility of lines and folds, especially in areas where the skin is creased because of the downward pull of gravity. A calcium hydroxylapatite filler oftentimes works the best to improve the visual signs of aging skin. Radiesse® is a great option.

How Calcium-Based Fillers Work

Unlike acid fillers that draw in and hold moisture, a calcium-based filler such as Radiesse® works as a scaffolding structure. The calcium hydroxylapatite particles are very tiny microspheres suspended in a gel. When injected beneath the skin, the gel and particles bind to the surrounding tissues.

This helps add strength to the subdermal layers. Even better, the structure acts as a scaffold upon which lower-layer skin tissue attaches. Collagen production increases because the body recognizes the existence of additional support tissue. The results of Radiesse® injections are, therefore, both immediate and gradual. The tightening effect is immediate, and the increased elasticity in the skin layers is gradual.

Consultation and Treatment

We’ll need to consult with the client before suggesting a dermal filler treatment. We want to see how much wrinkling and volume loss is occurring, what is causing it, and how thick and elastic the skin is. If we decide that Radiesse® is a viable treatment option, we will plan the treatment for a date and time that is convenient for the client.

Radiesse® is delivered via skillful injection. The visual improvement is immediate, but the affected skin will also become more taut and will show fewer wrinkles over the following months because of increased collagen production. There is little to no downtime after the treatment. Most normal activities can be resumed relatively quickly.

Advantages of Calcium-Based Fillers

These dermal fillers are synthetically produced and contain no animal products. There’s little chance of a negative reaction, and no allergy tests need to be performed prior to the treatment. Since the product is injected beneath the skin, the client won’t experience unwanted bleaching or other discolorations, both of which are a problem when other treatments are performed.

During a consultation at the office of Zachary Farris, MD in Dallas, we would be happy to answer all of your questions about how Radiesse® works. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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