What Causes Breasts to Sag?

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Drooping, elongated breasts can take a toll on your confidence and self-esteem. While certain lifestyle changes can help you maintain a perky chest, breast sagging is often inevitable. Fortunately, a breast lift can address these sagging issues in order to help restore the appearance of your bust.

Weight Fluctuations

Your breasts consist mainly of fatty tissues, so frequent weight fluctuations mean your breast volume will change quite a bit as well. All of this change in your breast volume can lead to lost skin elasticity in your chest.

While you should certainly prioritize exercise and healthy eating, avoid crash diets and extreme workout routines that cause your weight to go up and down. The best thing you can do for your breasts, and your body in general, is maintain a healthy, stable weight.

Hormonal Imbalances

Your natural breast development occurs in specific stages of your life, including before birth, during puberty and during your childbearing years. Throughout these three stages, your hormones are what drives breast growth.

Hormonal imbalances, such as collagen and estrogen deficiencies, can cause abnormal breast development, leading to sagging, stretching and drooping. While some hormonal imbalances are genetic, these changes can also be caused by birth control, certain medications and certain medical conditions. Visiting your general practitioner for yearly physicals and routine bloodwork is a good way to monitor your hormone levels.


Cigarettes and other tobacco products contain harmful carcinogens that break down elastin in your body and reduce blood flow to your breast tissue and surrounding skin.

To keep your breasts looking lifted and youthful, avoid smoking. If you’re already a smoker, finding a way to break the habit could have huge benefits for your breasts as well as your overall health.

Wearing an Unsupportive Bra When Exercising

Running, jumping and other high-impact activities cause your breasts to bounce up and down. Failing to wear a supportive bra while exercising will put undue stress on your breast skin.

Though you don’t need to give up your favorite physical activities, you do need to wear the right bra for your workout. Before heading to the gym, make sure:

  • Your bra’s cups conform to your breast curve. There should be no gapes or spillage.
  • Your bra’s straps are snug against your skin. The straps should not dig into or fall off of your shoulders.
  • Your bra’s band fits comfortably around your body. The band should not ride up or constrict you.

There are many sports bra options on the market today designed for all types of breasts and physical activities. Visiting a specialty lingerie store can help you determine if you’re wearing the best bra for your chest shape and size.

Causes of Sagging Breasts Infographic

Natural Causes of Breast Sagging

Most women’s breasts will begin to sag at some point in their lives. The effect of gravity over the years is enough to pull down your bust. Other natural causes of breast sagging include:

  • Aging
  • Menopause
  • Pregnancy
  • Large breast size

Tips to Minimize Sagging Breasts

While you cannot reverse breast sagging on your own, you can take steps to prevent it. Dr. Farris advises his patients to:

  • Manage their weight
  • Find a well-fitting bra, especially for workouts
  • Avoid or quit smoking
  • Visit the doctor regularly and request hormone tests as needed
  • Do pectoral exercises that strengthen the muscles beneath the breasts

A breast lift is often the best treatment for sagging breasts. This plastic surgery procedure repositions your breasts, placing them at a more ideal profile. If you want to change the positon and shape of your breasts, a breast lift with breast augmentation can help you achieve both these goals.

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