Can Fat Return After Liposuction?

Woman at beach in bikini after getting liposuctionWhile liposuction does permanently remove fat from your body, if you gain a significant amount of weight, new fat cells can develop all over your body, including in the treated areas. If you maintain your post-treatment weight, fat should not return.

At Farris Plastic Surgery, double-board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Zachary Farris has more than 15 years of experience performing liposuction procedures. Dr. Farris will not only develop a customized treatment plan to give you the toned body you desire, but he will also equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to keep your results permanent.

Does Liposuction Permanently Remove Fat?

Liposuction can permanently remove up to 11 pounds of fat during a procedure. It can target areas of your body such as:

  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Flanks
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Chin
  • Upper arms
  • Neck
  • Jowls

The duration of your procedure will depend on the areas being treated and the amount of fat being removed. Dr. Farris uses the tumescent liposuction technique. This involves making a small incision in the treatment area, then injecting a tumescent solution to break up your fat cells and make them easier to remove.

Then, Dr. Farris will insert into the incision a small tube called a cannula to suck out the fat. He’ll do this using careful, methodical, crisscrossing motions to consistently and accurately improve your body contour. When the fat has been removed, Dr. Farris will close the incisions and apply a compression garment to your treatment area.

How to Maintain Liposuction Results

In general, fat will only return after liposuction if you allow it to come back. That means you have to take the steps necessary to ensure you stay at your post-treatment weight. Any weight gain after liposuction will negatively impact your results.

For example, if you weigh 145 pounds and have 7 pounds of fat removed during liposuction, fat won’t come back if you stay at your 138-pound post-treatment weight. If you do gain weight, your results will look progressively diminished the more weight you gain.

To help patients maintain their liposuction results permanently, Dr. Farris recommends that patients:

  • Carefully follow his post-operative instructions
  • Maintain a healthy caloric intake with a diet focused on protein and healthy carbohydrates
  • Stay adequately hydrated by drinking lots of water
  • Eat several smaller meals throughout the day instead of fewer, bigger meals
  • Don’t skip meals or engage in unhealthy dieting practices
  • Exercise regularly

Exercising After Liposuction

Dr. Farris encourages you to begin light walking as soon as you feel up to it. During the first 2 weeks after treatment, you should be able to gradually ramp up your activity levels.

Generally, you’ll be able to resume your exercise routine 4-6 weeks after surgery. Dr. Farris will let you know when it’s safe to start strenuous exercise again.

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